Little Huge Gifts For Mom

Last night Aaron and I were headed downstairs to watch a couple shows before bed.  This is our nighttime ritual.  He gathered his blanket, his drink, his new bag of cheese cubes, and his empty bowl in which his cheese cubes would soon be poured. 

Speaking of ritual, Aaron’s life is full of those.  Something as simple as putting his blanket over his outstretched legs requires the ottoman to be just right, his legs on the ottoman while still wearing his slippers AND slipper socks, and then the blanket shaken several times to get out as many wrinkles as possible and to be in just the perfect position to then be pulled up over his legs and onto his lap.  I always cringe when he realizes he has forgotten something because the blanket is thrown back, and the process must be repeated. All of this must occur before we start watching our program. 


After he was sufficiently settled last night, he opened his bag of sharp cheddar cheese cubes and poured them into his bowl.  Aaron will not eat out of the bag.  He must have a bowl for everything, including a bowl for chip crumbs…croissant flakes, as he calls them…the crackers he doesn’t like in his Chex Mix…his Red Hots…peanut shells…  The list is endless. 

Soon our show was on and Aaron was allowed, in his mind, to begin eating his cheese cubes…but only after the opening song was finished.  One does not actually start eating, my friends, until the program has actually begun. 

The store only had sharp cheddar cheese cubes when we went to buy them.  Aaron usually gets mild cheddar.

“So do you like those sharp cheddar cheese cubes, Aaron?” I asked.

“YEAH!!” he declared happily.  “They’re GOOD!”

Soon, without saying a word, he reached over and placed this lone cheese cube beside me.  It was his gift to me.

I’ll be honest.  Sometimes eating food that Aaron has handled can be a challenge for me.  I know where those hands of his may have been.  I see how he puts food into his mouth with those same fingers that are now on the food he wants to give me. 

But how could I say no to this little gift that came straight from his heart?

To Aaron, this little cheese cube comprised a huge gift for Mom.

“Awwww, Aaron, thank you!” I told him as I looked down at the little cheese cube. 

“Oh, Lord, please protect me,” I also added silently as I ate the cheese.   😊

Aaron rubbed his hands together and gave his guttural chuckle as I ate the cheese. 

He was even happier to give me that gift than I was to receive it.

What a small little thing a cube of cheese is!  But what a huge deal it was to Aaron to give it and to watch me receive it with thankfulness.

This long-term mothering of Aaron is full of those sorts of gifts, but often if I’m not careful I don’t see them as such.

I never planned to be actively mothering at this age.  I read that I am considered “elderly” now, though I don’t feel that way.  Yet numbers on paper say that I am.

How can I be this age and still going from morning to night mothering my grown child? 

But here I am, by God’s doing…and may I not ever forget that.  God has led me to this path, and I must trust Him as I walk each step. 

On this Mother’s Day I want to give to each of you who are still fully mothering in your older years a word of love and encouragement.  Whether you are mothering your own child or children, or your grandchildren, please know that your work is not unnoticed by God.  We honor Him by caring for the ones He has given us.

May we see each small milestone…each smile…every hug…and so many other small huge gifts as what they really are.

Gifts from God. 

Through our tears, our fears, our frustrations, our exhaustion, our envy of other’s lives…whatever we are going through – may we not miss those beautiful and small huge gifts around us from our children every day.

Go buy a bag of cheese cubes and have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

27 thoughts on “Little Huge Gifts For Mom”

  1. Your post today literally made me laugh out loud! Having worked with kids with high-functioning autism for 22 years, I appreciate and love all of Aaron’s “special” habits. I especially needed to laugh today so thank you! I love you, both! Blessings, Patty! And Happy Mother’s Day!!

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    1. I love that you get Aaron and his ways. I love that you can laugh with me because of your understanding. I hope you’re doing ok and that God gives you a sweet Mother’s Day with a full heart. I love you, Cindy!

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  2. I just shared a devotional this morning at a Mother’s Day Brunch–and made very similar points to what you’ve shared here! God evidently whispered the same message to you and me, for two different circles of influence. So AMEN to the truth that God sees the endless stream of repetitive tasks mothers complete each day. And AMEN to the gifts (I called them love notes) he provides each day–like cheese cubes on a chair–that indicate our children love us, and He does too.

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  3. This made me laugh, but also humbly reminded me that even during the hard gifts of life God is with us. May I remember this wisdom when I’m having a “moment” that could be dirtier than others hands. I hope your Mother’s Day was sweet!

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  4. “But here I am, by God’s doing…and may I not ever forget that. God has led me to this path, and I must trust Him as I walk each step. ” Wow Patty, this is sooo good. And so applicable to everyone’s life and so many situations. Life doesn’t always seem pleasant, but it’s God’s doing anyway!


    1. Thank you, Sheila. Yes, if I say I trust God to lead my steps then I must trust Him even when my steps aren’t always in pleasant places. Sometimes I have to step back and remind myself of that fact. I’m so thankful for God’s patience!


  5. It’s all in our perspective, isn’t it?
    And there are blessings along the way no matter what our circumstances. I’m so glad you saw the blessings in that cheese cube. I pray for you, dear friend, that God will continue to use you to minister to Aaron and the rest of your family, and to us to remind us of God’s little cheese cube blessings.

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