The Cold Sore

You know from the blog title that what I’m going to write about today has something to do with the pleasant subject of a cold sore.  Let me tell you, I am cold sore weary.  Looking at it…..talking about it……putting medicine on it……discussing every little detail of it……

It’s just tiring.  Oh, and I don’t have the cold sore.  Aaron does.

You probably guessed that.

I do feel sorry for him, truly.  Cold sores are painful.  He’s never had one before, so this new experience has been very impacting to him.  You would think with all the medical challenges that he faces, a cold sore would be minor.  But not Aaron. 

He will talk a sore to death.  He had a little cut on his knuckle not long ago, and I heard more about that little cut than I ever, ever want to hear again.  I have to say, though, that some of his statements are really funny…..or really insightful……or downright confusing.

“Mom?” he asked one morning as he held his cut finger up in front of my face.  “Is the blood holding in the sore of the skin?”

Ponder that one. 

“I’m not sure, Aaron” – has become a routine answer for me.  Or, “Google it, Aaron.”  That’s another good one.  Both are said in a rather monotone voice after about day three or four of Aaron dissecting everything there is to possibly dissect about his sore or bruise or bump…..or cold sore now. 

I wish I had written down all of Aaron’s comments about his cold sore, or how many times a day he has talked about it.  This unusual malady has him stumped for answers and explanations, so he talks it to death.  My monotone voice is in full force, trust me.  Aaron doesn’t notice that, of course.

So here are some of his statements about his cold sore.

“Mom, it hurts when I eat because I open my mouth high.”

“It stretches!”  (Talking about how it cracks)

“I feel it pumping.”  (That feeling of your heartbeat in a sore place)

“It gets dark…..the color of the sore.”  (How it looked as it scabbed over)

“Mom!  The medicine fell off!”

And after I told him that it gets worse before it gets better, he paused a minute before saying, “The reason it’s getting worse is because it’s getting better.”

Sure, Aaron.  Yeah.  We’ll go with that.

On Friday he went with Amy, one of the staff, to pick up some things for Paradigm at a drug store.  Aaron put two and two together really quickly.  Just that morning on our way to Paradigm, he and I had stopped at our Dillon’s and bought some new cold sore medicine.  But with Amy at a new drug store, he of course engaged the pharmacist in a conversation about his awful cold sore.  Aaron had news for me about what to do to treat his cold sore, according to this concerned pharmacist, but of course it’s what we were already doing.  Aaron didn’t bother to tell him that because he loved all this new attention. 

So today Aaron went with me down to Dillon’s again.  We went up and down the aisles while I checked this and bought that, and Aaron tried to talk me into more than his salad…..and croissants……and flavored water.  I ended up at the pharmacy, where I was checking on some calcium on the shelf, and where Aaron spied Marc and Greg in the pharmacy.  We have known Marc and his family for years, and Greg has gotten to know us more recently.  Aaron wasn’t concerned at all about whether we know Marc and Greg.  He only saw a fresh opportunity.

“Hey!” I heard Aaron say as I was bending over a bottle of calcium.

And I knew.  I knew immediately, from years of experience, what Aaron was doing.  He had grabbed a prime opportunity by the tail.

“Hey!” he repeated as he moved to the counter. 

I tried to run interference but Marc is very kind, and he knows Aaron, and Greg is also very kind… Marc moved over to where he could talk to Aaron.  I laughed mentally because just a few days earlier I had seen Marc and his wife in Penny’s, where I told them about the cold sore and how Aaron is so obsessed about it, and where Marc gave me some medicine advice.

“I have this cold sore,” Aaron began, and off he went.  Funny how totally Aaron could ignore me and stay on track with his story as I stood there commenting on all of his comments.   

“Aaron, your cold sore is getting better.”

“Aaron, we’re doing what they’re saying to do.”

“Aaron, you know all about how to take care of it.”

“Aaron, Marc and Greg need to get back to work.”

And so it went, until this:

“Hey!” Aaron added.  “Have you watched XFiles?”

“Aaron!” I said.  “Don’t get started…..”

“Have you watched NINE seasons of XFiles?!” he continued. 

“Aaron, we need to go!” I repeated.  “They need to get back to work.”

“Have you seen the smoking man?” Greg asked.

“Well, now you’ve done it,” I told Greg as I laughed.  Talk about throwing gas on a flame!

We finally escaped as customers began to collect, and probably wondered why we were standing there talking about XFiles to two pharmacists.  Cold sores, maybe……but XFiles?

Aaron ate his salad and his croissants, and I put more medicine on his cold sore……but I think it’s already fallen off.  Hopefully soon the cold sore will be a distant memory.  At least with a cold sore, Aaron doesn’t have to lift his shirt up to show it to unsuspecting random people.  Now that’s a memory!!

Maybe a cold sore is a blessing in disguise after all, at least for me and for others who have been bombarded with the bare stomach shock as Aaron showed off an under-his-shirt sore.  

Life is never dull with Aaron.  I could only wish on some days……



Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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