The Waiting Game

It all started a few weeks ago with a commercial that Aaron and I saw on television during Wheel of Fortune. There was Ronnie Milsap, playing a piano as he sang one of his signature songs. For some reason, Aaron was captivated. Maybe I made a comment about Milsap. I don’t really remember, but from that point Aaron was on a mission. His mission, that he gladly accepted, was to find a Ronnie Milsap CD. Of course, Ronnie Milsap CDs are virtually impossible to find on store shelves. We did find the Ronnie Milsap insert at Wal-Mart that showed where some CDs used to be, but none were to be found. This discovery just further fueled Aaron’s desire to find some Milsap music, but several stores and phone calls later found us empty handed.

Aaron knows that when one is empty handed, there is always…..AMAZON.COM!!!! His answer to every fruitless search on the planet is found….in his opinion… this amazing Amazon place. And Aaron, knowing that Mom was weakening in her search, knew something else. He knew that one should strike the iron while it’s hot, and that if Mom was on the amazing Amazon for one item, she might…..just might…..order two items while she’s at it. Or even THREE!!!

So Aaron used his very favorite internet tool…..GOOGLE. And on Google he found an epic disaster movie that he decided he could not live without.

10.0 EARTHQUAKE!!!!! Predictable story line…..cheesy acting…..unknown actors……painfully unbelievable….

In other words, the perfect movie in Aaron’s professional opinion. And trust me, he knows ALL about terrible B disaster movies.

So this past Tuesday, Aaron hovered behind my chair as I ordered The Essential Ronnie Milsap CD……10.0 Earthquake……and The Essential Charlie Daniel’s Band just for fun.

Aaron’s hounding and hovering surely paid off, he was thinking.

And then it began. The countdown, all too familiar to me. And a big reason that I really wanted to find Ronnie Milsap in a store, where I could buy the CD outright without the wait.

I had barely gotten out of my chair after placing the Amazon order when it began.

“Mom, when will it come?” Aaron asked.

“It’ll be a few days, Aaron,” I answered.

“So when will it get here?” he continued.

Oh dear. I was thinking that paying the whopping postage charges for overnight shipping might have been worth it. I didn’t want to tell Aaron that Amazon had said 4 – 6 days. Why not? Because then Aaron would want to know which it would be. Four days? Or six days? If four days, then that would mean Saturday. If 6 days, then that would mean Monday. We would be in constant uncertainty as he tried to nail down the four or six day business. Nope. So I made a decision at his next inquiry, which was soon in coming when I didn’t answer the previous one.

“Mom, how long will it take?” he queried.

I told him it might take a week. That’s a nice solid guess.

“A week?” he confirmed.

He thought for a few seconds.

“So……next Tuesday?” he asked.

“Maybe,” was all I would venture.

“So if it doesn’t come on Tuesday, then you lied?” he continued.

There is no winning in this waiting game with literal Aaron.

There were more questions that day, and the next.

Will it come in a box?

Will it come to the front porch?

Will it come to the mailbox?

We were 24 hours into the amazing waiting game from our amazing Amazon order, and I was already exhausted from Aaron’s desire for definitive answers.

On Thursday morning, Aaron was up before 6:00. I was NOT ready for that! And I was really NOT ready for this, the first words out of Aaron’s mouth as he stood in the kitchen.

“Mom, you said it might come in a week?” he asked.

“Yes, Aaron, it might come in a week, but we’re not sure,” I answered.

“Why might it come in a week or not in a week?” he wanted to know.

Here, Aaron. Drink your coffee and get back with me later.

On Friday, it went like this: “Mom, I think my video will come on the 15th.”

“What day is that?” I asked him.

“It’s another Tuesday,” he told me.

Tuesday to Tuesday is a week, and Aaron was hanging on to that hope.

Saturday: “Mom, what time does the mail come?”

AHHHHHH!!! With another nebulous answer, Aaron just walked away in disgust.

He stood at the window later in the afternoon, eyes hopeful as he watched Gary remove the envelopes from our mailbox. Was that a package that Gary removed?

Yes! YES!!!! Dad had a package. Could it be?

I was thinking it BETTER be!!!

And yes, finally Aaron held his long awaited amazing Amazon package! He was all smiles…..but no more so than me! Inside was Charlie Daniels, Ronnie Milsap, AND 10.0 Earthquake!!!!


Aaron asked if we could listen to Ronnie Milsap later while I fixed supper. I agreed. He stood in the kitchen for a song or two, but before I knew it he had gotten a dining room chair and perched himself in it as he listened.


He was pretty cute sitting there happy as a lark, listening to every word of every song. He kept the CD holder close by, and at the end of each song he would look to see what the next song was.

“Mom, Smokey Mountain Rain is the next song!” he would announce, rubbing his hands together in delight.

Ronnie Milsap continued to croon during supper, with Aaron trying to hear every word and every note.

Of course, I watched the stellar Earthquake 10.0 movie with Aaron later. It was as awful as I knew it would be. Aaron yelled and clapped and had a great time. I endured.

“Mom!” he said at one point. “Your face doesn’t look like you like this movie!”

Sometimes his powers of observation are very acute. So I worked hard to rearrange my face and act interested. Aaron kept turning his head in my direction, matching the look on my face with my level of interest. 87 minutes. I was a far better actor than any of those unknowns on the screen, let me tell you. 87 minutes of fake interest should earn me an Oscar!

Well. Things should be a little more settled down here. The amazing Amazon package arrived….and in LESS than a week! We have fun new music to listen to, and I already checked off watching another lame movie so I don’t have to hear Aaron ask me every day about when I’m going to watch it with him.

Tomorrow Aaron has a doctor appointment in the afternoon. I will go to my Bible study in the morning, then come home to pick him up for our usual “Doctor Day Lunch Out.” I can hear it now.

“Mom, when will you go to Bible Study?”

“Mom, when will you be home?”

“Mom, where do you want to go eat?”

“Mom, what time is my doctor appointment?”

“Mom, what time did you say you’ll be home?”

“Mom, what time are we going to lunch?”

Another day…..another chance to enter Aaron’s world and to hope he can tolerate mine as well.


Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

2 thoughts on “The Waiting Game”

  1. To my Dear Patti, you are my cousin through marriage and my son Chris is Aarons age with Autism also. This story about “waiting and , anticipation, and questions , endless questions is part of Chriss’ life also. And ours I always dreamed of finding a family or relative that had a son similar to mine. Our cousin Sandra told me about Aaron years ago and I have been following your Facebook page for some time now ….I want to compliment and Thank you for the way it helps me not to feel as though I am alone in a world on an island experiencing my only son an adult with Autism. The parallels of their lives are so amazing. I know we live far apart but we can talk some time by real phone I actually love to talk. And again my mom always said ” God gives the Special children to Special Parents ” I truely believe it. Call me anytime. Love Sue.


    1. Hi Sue! Sandra told me about you. I’m so glad you commented on this blog! I would love to talk to you. I removed your number after I saved it for myself, just so it wouldn’t be public to others. I’ll try to call you before long.


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