Happy Labor’s Day!

Yes, as Aaron says – “Happy Labor’s Day!”  As always, he puts a different little twist on our familiar sayings.  I guess “labors” in the plural is really more appropriate, because we all certainly have more that one labor in our lives.  But a very special thank-you to those who work so hard every day to keep our nation moving and the gears turning in this great country.

Our travel plans for the weekend didn’t work out and so I’ve been fighting the blues.  A mother’s heart is always drawn to her children and when time with them doesn’t work out……….well, it just stinks.  But God has a bigger plan, which I well know, and so I move on.  And with Aaron, there is always something else to move on toward.  Life is not still with Aaron around!

I ran him down to Great Clips yesterday evening just before it closed.  Sure enough, there was no waiting.  This is the perfect arrangement for Aaron!  He immediately walked up to the counter and began removing his glasses………..then began to remove his ring…………until I stopped him.  Poor girls behind the register, with eyes big as they probably wondered what he was getting ready to remove next.  These girls, though, were happy and relaxed and understanding with Aaron as he plopped into the chair.  The one who cut Aaron’s hair went above and beyond, even shaving his cheeks and trimming his eyebrows.  He loved the extra attention!  I had to remind him, though, to quit talking while she trimmed his mustache.  He literally talks every minute that he is in that chair, so it was hard for him to be quiet.  And of course, can you guess what he talked about the most?  You win if you guessed…………..Battleship!!!!

I gave this sweet girl an extra tip and off we marched to Papa Murphy’s for a pizza for supper.  Aaron loves the pizza there………..but doesn’t care for the dinging of the door each time it opens………..and the way it dings even when it’s not opening.  “Would someone tell that door to stop dinging??!!”  Aaron doesn’t like broken dinging doors…….I don’t like the extra stares……….so I was glad to take our pizza and leave!  Aaron helped me throw newspapers in the recycle bin on our way home.  Of course, he quit suddenly to walk over to something his eagle eyes had spotted nearby…………that I had totally missed.  It was a small, bright  squeeze ball that he picked up over my protests and that I made him discard.  His room would be totally full of that kind of junk if he had his way.

This morning, I heard his floor creaking and his bedroom door opening……….then he thumped downstairs to where I was sitting.  “I woke up now,” he informed me.  Really, Aaron?  He immediately wanted to know if I would plug his keyboard in while he showered, and so forth and so on as he finally got up to take his pills.  As he said one day, “Mom, I’ve taken my pills and dranken my water!”

I heard him in the shower, happily and loudly singing as he often does.  Today it was his funny made-up song that consisted of   “A pom-pom-pom and a bee-bee-bee!”  Over and over and over he sang his song……..the pom-pom-pom in a higher pitch than the lower bee-bee-bee.  I hoped he was washing as well as he was singing!  He likes his current body wash………the one that he one day breathlessly told me, “Mom!  My shampoo has confetti in it!!”  Only Aaron.

He’s busy in his mulch right now.  The day is before us.  Maybe a little shopping, maybe eating out, maybe not.  Aaron will certainly be using his keyboard as much as possible, and if we open the car door to go anywhere then he will certainly be there to jump in and go with us.  Unless it’s clothes shopping………..Aaron doesn’t do clothes shopping.

And as for laboring on this Labor’s Day, he will labor as little as possible, too. Same for Gary and I, I do believe.

So Happy Labor’s Day, everybody!  Enjoy time with your family, doing what you love.  We plan to do just that!

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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