You Don’t Want Me Still Talking

I’ve been thinking about the past few days with Aaron, and how he takes the most normal of things and makes them uniquely his own.  He gives so many things a different twist and often we end up laughing……..or shaking our heads in frustration.  One thing is for sure – it’s hard to be a step ahead of Aaron.  Usually I’m running to catch up to him!

This past Saturday morning, Gary and I ate breakfast with Aaron as we listened to him talk.  He was very happy that I had fixed his favorite biscuits, and even happier that the blessing Dad asked wasn’t very long so that he could dig in quickly……….all the while keeping an eye on the pan of biscuits in the kitchen, hoping that no one would claim any more of them and they would all be his.  As I later cleaned up the kitchen, I turned around to find Aaron holding the small gourd that Rosie’s mom, Louise, had given me from their garden.  Of course, Aaron had noticed it sitting in the kitchen because it’s unusual and bumpy.  Aaron was walking out of the kitchen, headed to his room with the little gourd that he had claimed as his own……..without asking.  I stopped him and we had a conversation about the gourd and where I got it and what it is and could he have it………so I said yes.  He’s so delighted by the simplest of things.  Plus, he had experienced a rough time at his day group the day before so I was hoping to give him a happy weekend.  If the gourd helped us accomplish that, then so be it.

Aaron knows that we usually change his sheets on Saturday, so he was very happy that I went up to his room at the same time that he did and that I asked if he wanted to do this sheet changing job now.  He prefers to do it early in the day instead of often having to wait on me to get to it later.  It hangs over his head all day, so finishing it early was a good thing for him.  It had rained the night before, so Aaron pointed to the raindrops still on his window as he said, “Mom, look at the dots on the window!” 

He told me how he read about the Boston Tea Party in his Handy History Answer Book the night before.  He had some questions about what kind of tea was at this party and what made them throw it in the water, so as I tried to explain what had happened I told him that the tea tax was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I know better than to use those sayings with Aaron.  He takes them quite literally, so soon I was explaining that there were no camels at that tea party that really wasn’t a tea party and that the camel wasn’t carrying straw and that his back didn’t break if he WAS a real camel and it’s just a saying and this is what it means……..oh, never mind.  Forget the camel. 

And by the way, Aaron, why is there an empty toilet paper roll under your bed……..and a bowl of Skittles?  And yes, we can plug in your disco light thingy and close your blinds and turn your light off while you play a computer game in your disco room.

  Yes, you can put the gourd on your bookshelf.  Yes, I’ll look at that one clip about whatever movie it is you’re watching or whatever game you’re playing.  Finally, after much more talking, I edged toward the door and said, “See you later, Aaron.” 

“Where are you going, Mom?” he asked.  I told him that I was going to take a shower, and he concisely replied, “You’re weird.”  So I asked him why on earth that was weird, and he answered, “Because you don’t want me still talking.”  Actually, escaping to the shower was a huge relief, but I knew that Aaron was very likely to stand outside my locked bedroom door and still talk as he so often does.  And who is the weird one anyway??

There were more simple things that made Aaron happy over the next few days, like going to Dillon’s and seeing the spooky house full of “smoke.”  That made him nearly as happy as his cheddar pasta salad and chicken tenders.  And taking Jackson on a walk, because I let him hold the leash the way that Zach did. 

He came in my room after taking his shower yesterday and asked, “Mom?  Can I have one of those string things with a puff ball on it?”  I knew exactly what he meant and I said that he could have one and he was very happy about that.  In fact, I suggested a buff puff on a stick because he could wash his back better with that………and he thought that a buff puff on a stick would be just too cool!

This morning on the way to meet his group, he talked about Napoleon after reading his history book last night on that subject.  He observed, “Mom, Napoleon’s war suit was different from other war suits.  It was fashioner!” 

You are so right, Aaron!  It was more fashioner than some of those other military guys.  I was thankful, too, that Aaron didn’t broach the topic of Vanna White’s clothing again today like he did the other day.  He and I love to see what new dress she is wearing when we watch Wheel of Fortune.  Aaron often wonders what I would look like in those dresses…….and I try to change the subject.  But the other day Aaron said, “Mom, those are real skinny dresses.”   Pause.   “Can you wear those?”   Pause.   “I don’t want to use the word fat, but you’re not as skinny as her.”

What did you say Saturday, Aaron?  Something about me not wanting you to talk?  Sometimes I wish!

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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