Cool Aaron

Aaron came out to the patio this morning when he got out of bed.  I was finishing a phone conversation, so he stood there trying to wait patiently…………but waiting patiently is very hard for Aaron, so soon I felt the familiar finger poke on my shoulder.  Then Aaron saw my familiar hand motion that meant to be quiet, and so back inside he went…..but not for long.  Soon he was back outside, holding up his Sands of Oblivion movie and whispering, “Mom.  Mom.  I need to show you something.”  Again he saw my “be quiet” motion, and so he sat in the chair beside me to wait it out.   Soon I was finished, and so Aaron launched happily into what he wanted to show me………or tell me, as the case may be………about the Sands of Oblivion movie. 

He was happy today, I could tell.  Unlike yesterday, where he was only half happy, as he would say.  Yesterday he told me that he had a hard time sleeping.  “I tried to find a way to get myself asleep,” he said.  “I didn’t get to sleep until 2:00!”  Then he waited for my expression of sympathy, which never came in a way that would satisfy him……….meaning that I didn’t let him stay home yesterday to recover from not finding a way to get himself to sleep.

Today Aaron was very alert, saying he had slept much better, and from his constant talking I could certainly attest to his happiness.  I eased myself away from the discussion of the Sands of Oblivion……..the bad guy that I can’t name and the necklace he wore and King Tut and all that sand and is any of it true and what is not true.  Even my coffee couldn’t keep me awake enough for that conversation, so off I went to get in the shower, telling Aaron to do likewise.

Aaron heard me turn the water off awhile later, and I could soon hear his deep monotone voice out in the hallway.  He was sitting at my closed and definitely locked door, just droning on and on about…….something.  I couldn’t quite hear him, and even when I told him to wait he continued talking.  Every now and then I’d hear him raise his voice and say, “Right, Mom?”  All he got was silence and then I would hear him again, “Right, Mom?  Right?”

Now I know not to reply, “Right, Aaron.  I’ve learned that I may have just said yes to giving him extra money or stopping for food that I did not agree to or promising to play Skip-Bo that night…..or any number of other things.  You’d think he’d know that I can’t hear when my door is closed and the radio is on…….but no, Aaron continues to sit there talking and talking.  Talking into oblivion, which I was thinking would make a great movie title regarding Aaron.

Finally I opened my door and Aaron barreled in, never missing a beat.  He had switched from the Sands of Oblivion movie to his Star Wars game………Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.  The other day he wanted me to look on the computer to see if I could find the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic  THE MOVIE.  As opposed to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic the PC game.  I finally agreed to look it up on Amazon in order to either prove that it doesn’t exist, or to just give up and order it……….in order to make Aaron quit talking about it every single day.  Aaron said that he would write out the name for me so that I could type it into Google, but I told him that I would write it.  I wrote:  Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic – The Movie.

“No!” Aaron blurted out.  “You move that part here!”  He was pointing to the dash that I had put after the word “Republic.”  I had to change it because I knew that Aaron would be very bothered if I didn’t put it in the right place.  Therefore I wrote:   Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic The Movie – Part One.   Aaron was satisfied that the dash was correct now as he informed me that I had to write “Part One” because there are lots of parts to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic The Movie.  And we were looking for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic The Movie – PART ONE!!!!   He thought I was sighing because I needed breath. 

Anyway, that day we did not find Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic The Movie – Part One.  Or any other part, for that matter……….because it doesn’t exist except in Aaron’s hopeful mind.  But Aaron loves talking about this game, as he did this morning.  This was my view as I sat on the edge of the bathroom counter, putting my face on……..and trying to keep my face straight as Aaron went on and on and on about this favorite game.

In particular, he wanted to talk about the clones in the clone army…… they dressed and what they looked like and how they fought and how they were all alike and do scientist’s today make clones and why not and if they did how would they do it.  I was seriously near oblivion.  It didn’t matter to Aaron if I answered every question, but at times he would randomly stop his talking and I realized that I was supposed to answer a question…..which I often had to make him repeat, sad to say. 

“Mom?” he asked, “if a scientist made a clone would he put our DNA in a copier?”  And off he went into a mostly one-sided discussion of making clones.  Most of his questions I answered by saying, “Ask Andrea when she comes home soon.  She knows all about DNA.”  My apologies, Andrea……..and you better still come home!

“Mom!” he exclaimed.  “I think if a scientist could clone us, that would be a problem in our house!” 

Yes, Aaron, in particular one of us would be a huge problem if he was cloned.  And Aaron laughed as he launched right on with talking about how army people today are not clones…….and how clones make a bigger, stronger, good guy army………and the good guy ship and the bad guy ship……..was the ship called an assault destroyer?………..and did the smoke come out the air tank?……..or did it come out the exhaust port?   I became alert at the word “exhaust” as I realized that this is how I was feeling, but Aaron was already wondering how DNA is obtained and when those lab people stick a needle in his arm are they taking his DNA?

All the way to meet his ride, Aaron didn’t miss a beat but continued his Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic dialogue.  This time he was interested in George Lucas and if he is still alive.  He was happy to hear that George is still with us, but surprised that someone who is as old as middle age can still make games and movies.  He was in the middle of examining every aspect of detonator bombs when we passed the field that sometimes holds his favorite big black bulls and so in the middle of detonator bombs he yelled, “BULLS!!!!”  That woke me up!

Soon we pulled into Quik Trip, where Aaron smoothly transitioned from bombs to the “air pipes” that people use to put air in their tires, and that “sponge on a pole” that we use to wash the bug guts off the windshield. 

Aaron called me awhile ago from his day group to tell me that some of the clients were going to watch a ball game.  One of Barb’s children is playing in that game, I guess, and Aaron said, “Only one part of Barb’s children are there!”  I would tease Aaron about what part that might be………….a leg or an arm……….. but my humor would be lost on him, which would still make me laugh as he would stand there and look at me like I was oblivious indeed.

Aaron came home two days ago and showed me this:

He had printed on his leg the words that he loves to write about himself – Aaron Moore is cool.  In fact, it’s still visible on his leg.  Ask me how well he showers. 

But Aaron Moore IS cool………in his own odd and unique way.  He may talk me into oblivion on days like today, but truly Aaron Moore is cool! 

I’m just ever thankful that Aaron Moore can NOT be cloned.

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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