The Words and Ways of Aaron

I loaded some more dishes into the dishwasher this morning and counted the bowls.  I have five bowls in there.  So what’s the big deal?  Well, I emptied the clean dishes yesterday as I was fixing supper……so these are five bowls just from late yesterday afternoon and last night……..and Gary and I didn’t use any of those bowls.  Those are all bowls that just Aaron used.  Five.  All by himself.

Aaron’s use of bowls reminds me of some of his very unique ways.  The other night I took Aaron to Sonic to get a milk shake.  He settled in his favorite chair with his treat when we got home.  I looked in the family room and saw this:

Yes, Aaron put the milkshake………..cup and all……….into a bowl.  I know better than to make a big deal out of it or to try to stop Aaron from doing that.  Aaron LOVES bowls and puts everything, nearly, into a bowl.  When he eats his favorite Pringles, he has a bowl into which he puts the Pringles and then a separate bowl that he leans over when he bites the chip and into which the crumbs fall.  He dumps jelly beans into a bowl…….or Mike and Ikes…….or Hot Tamales.  Monday evening, as I sat with Aaron on the couch to watch Wheel of Fortune, he was eating peanuts.  I watched him and saw that he was dumping several peanuts into his hand, then dropping them all into a bowl (of course!), and eating them from the bowl.  He ate for awhile and then decided to offer me some peanuts.  He poured some peanuts into my hand, but when I started to eat them he told me no………and then said, “Here.”  He held the bowl out to me.  I asked if he wanted me to drop my peanuts into the bowl and then eat them, and he said yes.  So I ate my peanuts the Aaron way, and he was satisfied……….and I was amazed, as always, with Aaron’s way of living his life.

Yesterday morning was a great morning, which was quite a relief after the rough Monday that we had the day before.  One of Aaron’s first questions when he came downstairs was to ask me if it would storm that day.  Monday was a stormy, rainy day, and he loves storms.  He also loves to have the weather outlined for him nearly every morning and every night.  In answer to his question, I told him that it might storm in the evening.  He thought for a second and then asked, “So this evening means like in bed?”   Remember my story about dusk?  I had visions of a repeat of that scenario, and so I was very happy when Aaron liked my answer and didn’t keep asking over and over and over about when evening would happen.

He was happy that he had slept well that night, which is another one of Aaron’s frequent concerns……….how he sleeps, when he went to sleep, and when he gets up in the morning.  He said, “Mom, I fell asleep during the bed.  And today I woke up at 7:56…….and then I woke up again at 8:07!” 

He was happy that I agreed to fix him some cinnamon toast, and as he later ate it he was reminded of French toast.  He wanted to know about how to make French toast, but none of my answers seemed to satisfy what he wanted to know.  Finally he said, “I’m just saying……what’s in the middle instead of just cooking it?”  Then I understood that he wanted to know why the middle was sometimes squishy……….and made progress in answering that question before he moved on to the next topic.

“Mom?” he asked.  “I told Tim about those white spots on Jackson where his fur is loosening up.  Can’t we put some new fur there?”  After a long discussion about allergies and loosening fur and how we can’t put new fur there, I walked into the kitchen to find a gallon baggie full of markers sitting on the table.  Oh great!  Aaron had discovered the old markers downstairs from where I was cleaning out some drawers.  Of course, he claimed them for Rosie!  I offered to let him take two markers and he grabbed three and I agreed with this compromise.  Now the rest are hidden because Aaron would continue to sneak some into his pockets every day to take to Rosie until they would all be gone. 

Speaking of putting things into his pockets, this is always something that Aaron does.  I never know what he’ll have in his pockets when he comes home.  Yesterday it was this:

He found these sunglasses on the ground, he said……….and if anyone from Paradigm is missing some glasses, then please let me know.  Aaron was delighted with his find and thought that he truly looked cool.

Speaking of delighted, he was also very happy with his food purchase yesterday….which he brought home and which was laying on the kitchen table in a Wal-Mart bag.

Three…….yes, three……..bags of cheese cubes.  This reminded me of the three boxes of croissant rolls he bought (more than once)……..or the bags of candy……..and the containers of Pringles, or peanuts.   Why does he buy in multiples?  I tell him over and over that one is such a good number, but he doesn’t seem to agree. 

This morning I found Aaron and Jackson on our bedroom floor.  Two buddies……as long as Aaron is being quiet and nice.  Otherwise, Jackson slinks out of the room and tries to stay out of Aaron’s way.    There are days that we all want to stay out of Aaron’s way.  But his ways and his words are just what make Aaron….Aaron.  We take the good with the bad……the funny with the frustrating……..the sweet with the stubborn.

I need to run the dishwasher before he comes home this evening…….and by evening I mean around 4:32……..because I’m sure that by tonight……and by tonight I mean by 9:57……….there will probably be several more bowls sitting in the sink……..and by several I mean 5.

There.  Now I need to check the weather. 

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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