RIGID Potato Chips

I know I sound like a broken record……….very similar to Aaron, actually………..but I tell you, Aaron notices everything.  The tiniest details of the world around him rarely escape his attention.  And then he talks about what he has observed.  He also never seems to tire of noticing the same things over and over again, and talking about them over and over again.

For instance, I know that when we drive by the pasture near our house, Aaron will always look for the cows.  He will often ask if the cows are out and if they’re not out, then where are they?  He will also ask who we think the cows belong to?  The man in the white house or someone else?  A couple miles on up the road we always pass another field on our way to meet Aaron’s day group.  This field has big black bulls who sometimes are grazing where we can see them as we drive by.  Aaron is fascinated by the bulls.  One day we had an interesting conversation about the purpose of bulls.  Ahem.  He did NOT seem to notice how quickly I glossed over that answer!  Anyway, nearly every day as we drive by that field, Aaron will wonder if the bulls are out and if they’re not out……….and they often are not in sight………..he wonders where they are, and why they aren’t out, and where do they stay.  Recently we drove by the field and there they were, close to the fence, grazing happily.  Aaron exclaimed, “There’s the bulls!  They’re out of that farm cage thing!”

Um, Aaron, that’s a pasture…………..not a bull zoo.

On up the road we pass a dentist’s office.  Aaron loves their concrete parking barriers.  Why does he love those particular concrete barriers?  Because they are painted in stripes!  They stand out to Aaron as unique and he loves anything unique.  And how many times have I heard him say, “There they are, Mom!  Candy canes!!”

He notices the old car that’s always parked in some one’s driveway every day.  He’s fascinated with RVs…………..”Mom are they expensive because they’re portable houses?”  And yesterday he excitedly said, “Mom, guess what I saw on the way home?  I saw an RV towing its OWN car!  Is it OK for an RV to tow its own car?!”  I try to explain these important matters to him, even as I’m distracted with supper preparations or some other chore……..and he won’t leave until he’s satisfied with my answer.  Therefore, I know that I need to do my best to answer him or to explain things, or he will stay there until I do.  Or until I tell him to Google it!

Yesterday he was very enthused as he told me about the fun thing that someone made at Paradigm using Chex cereal and chocolate and this and that………but he couldn’t remember what it was called.  I told him it sounded like Puppy Chow and he said, “Yes!  That’s it!  And it was all covered with confectionate sugar!”  So I showed him some confectioner’s sugar, which he thought was wonderful, and then as he pointed out the white marks all over his shorts, he said, “That confectionate sugar is spready!”

Yep, Aaron………..looks like to me you spread it all over your shorts.

But he wasn’t through with the rundown of his meal at Paradigm.  “Mom, I ate some mustard potato salad.  And then I had some of those potato chips………you know, those RIGID potato chips!”

Ah, yes, ridged potato chips!

“Yeah.  I don’t like RIGID potato chips!”

What?!  You don’t like potato chips with ridges?

“No.  They look like they have speed bumps that are on the road.”

I would never, ever have thought that the ridges on potato chips look like speed bumps on the road.  But Aaron does……….because Aaron notices every RIGID ridge on those ridged chips………….and he notices every speed bump………..and he notices that they are very much alike.


Ruffles Have RIGID Speed Bumps!!  Buy some today!  But slow down and watch your teeth!

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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