Aaron recently discovered that there will indeed be a new Transformers movie coming out……….which is grand and glorious news to him.  He loves those movies and has seen all three of them, as well as having them on his DVD shelf to watch here at home whenever he wants.  The news of a Transformers Four movie has made him very excited.  Very, very excited.

When Aaron becomes focused on a fact, or an event, or an occasion………..whatever that focus is…………it soon becomes an obsession.  His obsessions involve fact finding, researching, delving, reading, listening……whatever it takes to find out as much as he possibly can about his latest focus.  Then during, and most definitely after, his fact finding mission……….he talks.  He talks about what he has read, what he has unearthed, what he has seen, what he has heard, what he thinks, what he feels, what he anticipates, what he plans……….until we are completely immersed in his focus…… it or not.  It’s usually a “not” with us.  And he could care less.

We are currently being dragged into his latest focus, which is the upcoming Transformers Four movie.  This movie is projected to be released sometime in the summer of 2013.  Yes, that is a year from now.  Actually, MORE than a year from now.  A year…   365 days……plus.    52 weeks…….plus.   Gary and I will be needing therapy before this year……plus……is over.

Last night shortly before bedtime, Aaron came barreling into the kitchen.  I was preparing to get the coffee pot ready for the next morning, and Gary was downstairs.  Aaron was going to go down to say goodnight to Gary when he turned and said, “Mom!  I want to show Dad the Transformers video on the computer.”  Knowing that Aaron would not be deterred from this plan, I grabbed my tablet and told him that we would find the video there.  Then he could take the tablet down and let Dad watch it.

I logged onto YouTube and proceeded to type in Transformers Four.  Up popped up all the videos pertaining to this topic, but there is only one that Aaron is looking for.  Believe me, only one.  “Mom, it’s the number 45!” Number 45?  Soon I saw what he meant.  It’s 45 seconds long.  Well, that limited it a little and so we hunched over the tablet, looking for number 45.  I could feel Aaron’s frustration mounting as he studied the selections.  He wasn’t seeing the one he wanted.  I chose a number 45, and though he was skeptical, he took the tablet and thumped down the stairs to show Gary this exciting video.

Soon he thumped right back up.  “Mom, that’s not the right one!”  Now I could feel my frustration mounting.  It was late.  I didn’t care about Transformers Four or 4, number 45, Unicron, or any of it.  But again, Aaron would not let go of his plan to show Dad the video that he was positive Dad wanted to see……or should see, if he wanted to or not.  WOULD see, if Aaron had his way.

Once again, we hunched over the tablet.  “Mom, you have to type in the number 4.  And the “T” in Transformers has to be big.  And then after the number 4 you have to put dot, dot – and then Rise of Unicron.”

So I typed……Transformers 4..Rise of Unicron.

“No, you have to make Rise of Unicron in all big letters.”

So I typed……Transformers 4..RISE OF UNICRON.

“No!  The dot, dot isn’t right.  It goes like this.”  And he grabbed a piece of paper and showed me – : .   A semicolon!  And even as I told him that none of this mattered, he would hear none of it and I knew it.

So I typed…..Transformers 4:RISE OF UNICRON

And of course, the same video selection presented itself.  And once again we scrolled down, looking for the elusive number 45 Transformers 4:RISE OF UNICRON.

The one video……….the ONE video……….that he wanted was not to be seen, according to Aaron.  So he thumped back downstairs anyway to talk…….TALK……to Gary about the number 45 Transformers 4:RISE OF UNICRON movie that will be coming out in a year…   OVER a year away.

I quietly stood at the head of the stairs and just listened as Aaron talked and talked and talked about Transformers 4:RISE OF UNICRON with his very tired, ready for bed, Dad.

“Dad, the new Transformers 4 movie is coming out next summer.”   (A year……plus!)   “It has Unicron in it.” Gary responded and Aaron took off.

“So Unicron wakes up in the Transformers 4 movie!”
“Doesn’t he look different than the cartoon?”

Yes, Aaron, but it’s time for bed now.

“Dad, did I show you a picture of Unicron when it was his full body?”

Yes, Aaron, but let’s go up for bed now.

“I wonder if there’s a new robot?”

I don’t know, Aaron, but I’m going on to bed now.

“Dad, do you think there’s a new robot?”

I just smiled my knowing smile.  It’s funny to hear this interchange with Gary and Aaron.  But then they came upstairs………and Aaron turned his focus upon me as I finished in the kitchen.  My smile didn’t last.

“Mom, what do they mean by Unicron was awakened?”

Aaron, I don’t know.

“Mom, do you think he came back?”

Yes, Aaron!  He woke up and came back!!  Now it’s bedtime!!

“They said a planet will appear with 47 spheres.”

Hmmmm…….and Aaron was oblivious to our mumbles and our disinterest and our tiredness as he continued to ramble on and on and on about the number 45 Transformers4:RISE OF UNICRON movie.

He followed me into his room as I got his clothes out for the next day; he followed me into his bathroom as I cleaned off the top of his toothpaste tube; he followed me into our bedroom as I got the room ready for bed; and he was ready to follow me into my bathroom………..talking all the while……..but I told him GOOD NIGHT!!

And the last thing I remember him saying as I ushered him out into the hall was, “Mom, I’m very curious.  Was he made by that yellow light?”

Aaron, I know you’re very curious………believe me, how I know!  But it’s time to turn off all the lights and GO TO BED!!!!!  And he lumbered merrily off to brush his teeth and read his book before turning his light off and probably dreaming about number 45 Transformers 4:RISE OF UNICRON.

Gary came out of the bathroom as I closed our bedroom door and we both sighed together.  Gary’s eyes were wide and full of………… do you describe that look?  We are so together in this journey with Aaron that we both shook our heads simultaneously and then Gary said, “A year!  That movie doesn’t come out for a year!”

Uh, Gary……..that would be a year……plus.   Good night, dear.  Let’s just turn out the lights.

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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