Oh Brother!

I told Aaron on Sunday night that if he got “up and at ’em!” on Monday, then we would leave early and stop by Great Clips to get his hair cut.  As you know from other posts, Aaron loves getting his hair cut.  It’s always an adventure with Aaron and I never know what to expect.  Actually, I never know what to expect from Aaron no matter where we go or what we’re doing.

He was in a great mood yesterday morning and very ready for that Great Clips experience.  I think he loves how it feels to get his head buzzed……….and he loves the attention from the friendly hair dressers………….and he loves how they ask him questions, which he answers in great detail.  His hair looked a little suspicious before we left, so I asked him if he really showered and really washed his hair.  Once before, when I asked that question, he answered, “Yes, Mom!  I showered my hair!”   And of course, he assured me this time that he had showered his hair.  Still not sure about that.

As usual, on our way to Great Clips I repeated to him the familiar mantra – “Aaron, if there are very many people there, then we’ll have to leave and come back later.”  And as usual, Aaron has no intention of leaving or of coming back later.  I hope for the best.  And on our short drive there, Aaron told me how tired he was.  According to Aaron, he is very tired every morning of his life.  “Mom, I’m tired.  I quit playing the computer last night at 11:01!”  So I asked him if he brushed his teeth and he replied, “No.  I couldn’t brush my teeth at 11:01!  It was late!”

And he continued:  “I got in bed at 11:02 and didn’t even read.  I went right to sleep!”

That’s good, Aaron.  But you really should have brushed your teeth.  11:00 isn’t that late.

“Mom, it was 11:02!  That’s late!”  OK………..whatever.  You really need to shower your hair and brush your teeth every day.  And while you’re at it in the shower, just shower the rest of you, too.

Aaron barged into the Great Clips as usual, and as usual, I kept shushing him as we stood at the counter listening to the probability of getting his hair cut sooner rather than later.  My heart sank as the girl told us that two people had signed up online and that if they showed up, then they were ahead of us……….as was the young man there with his little son.  We sat down to wait and see what would happen, but not before Aaron grabbed about 3 little Dum-Dum suckers from the bucket on the counter and stuffed them in his pocket, unknown to me until later, of course.

The little boy on his father’s lap was fascinated with Aaron………probably because Aaron was talking loudly about all the things he likes to loudly talk about…………and surely because Aaron also noticed the little boy, and proceeded to hold up his hand and give him the peace sign.  Finally, before I knew what he intended to do, Aaron popped up from his chair and walked over to the father and son.  He handed the young father one of the suckers and said, “Here.  Would your child like this?”  The father was very uncomfortable with this situation and Aaron was oblivious as he repeated his question.  The dad then said something about how he would just get their own sucker, but Aaron insisted and said, “He can have this one!”  And the dad reluctantly took the sucker from Aaron without even saying thank you.  Hmmmmm………….would a simple thanks have been so hard?  Thankfully, Aaron doesn’t read those clues in people.  He had no idea that the dad was uncomfortable and rather rude, actually.  It’s so interesting to see how people react to Aaron, and who “gets it” and who doesn’t.  Oh well, it’s the young man’s loss.  Aaron was kind!!  I was very happy and smiling broadly.

Aaron knew that we might have to wait for the haircut if the people who signed up online came in.  Sure enough, the door opened and a man walked in.  And Aaron said (loudly), “OH BROTHER!”  I hushed him as I felt my face turn red and tried not to laugh.  Aaron will never be hired as a greeter, trust me!  I rubbed his back to calm him as we waited and as he talked.  “Mom, do you wonder what those haircut ladies do with the hair they sweep up?”………….and many other questions and comments.

Finally it was Aaron’s turn!  And one of his favorite “haircut ladies” was the one to cut his hair.  She said, “Hi Aaron!  Do you remember who I am?”  He didn’t.  “I’m Erin, too!,” she continued.  He was very unimpressed, seemingly, by this reminder of her name as he only responded with a grunt.  But Erin gets Aaron and so they had a famously wonderful time chatting as she cut his hair and trimmed his goatee and mustache.  He told her (loudly) about his weekend with Krysten and about eating at Applebees and how someone was drinking beer…………..to which he (very loudly) asked me across the hair salon, “Right, Mom?  I can’t have beer?  Why can’t I have beer?”  All eyes were on me at that point as I answered his question as best I could.  Good grief!  Why can’t he talk about the weather?

He told Erin about eating pizza and does she know about the garlic butter in the pizza box and the bread sticks and does she like pizza and garlic butter and bread sticks?  He talked about the Tornado Alley movie and how he didn’t get the chainsaw movie and about going to Target and about his sweater and the man who looked at him like he was strange and how the sweater is torn under the arm and how Mom won’t fix the tear under the arm and what they were going to do at Paradigm today and on and on and on, as usual.  And as she cut his hair, he was leaning way over……….way over!  I think he just loves how it feels and was totally relaxed, but I was afraid he was going to fall out of the chair!

I’m so thankful for how Erin loves talking to Aaron.  She understands who he is, even though she probably doesn’t understand why he is who he is.  But we don’t need to always understand the why of things……..just understanding who Aaron is…………is enough sometimes.

Aaron is unique…………but aren’t we all?  Created uniquely by God for a unique purpose in life.  Believe me, there are days that I question Aaron’s purpose…………but never God’s plan or purpose.  I just need to keep my eyes and heart open to who Aaron is and not question the why of it.  There is much to learn from Aaron.  Too bad that young dad didn’t learn a lesson today…………or maybe he did after all.  

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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