The Legend of Aaron

Today was an Aaron day, meaning that I spent several hours of one-on-one time with Aaron.  It also means that my ears need a little rest, so while he’s upstairs on his computer I decided to write a few words about our time together.  Writing………not talking.  What bliss!

I first ran Aaron by the lab at our Eberly Farm clinic so he could have some blood drawn.  We’re still checking his medicine levels as well as being sure that his weight loss isn’t pointing to a significant problem.  Aaron enjoys the lab and that’s a blessing.  He especially enjoyed being shown to the seat in the lab that is right beside the telephone.  I usually stand near him, not because he is in any way scared, but because he loves to pick up the empty vials or some of the other items that are conveniently located right beside his chair.  Today, though, it was the telephone that held his interest.   All those buttons were calling his name!  He finally laughed as I over and over told him to NOT touch the phone.  It becomes a game to him…… that he is sure to win if I even once turn my back.

Not long after we left the lab, we were at the dentist.  The staff at Baxter Dental Associates are so good with Aaron.  He is comfortable there, so much so that I don’t even go back with him like I used to do for many years.  I just hope that he’s compliant and not stubborn, and since nothing has been said otherwise, I’ll continue to happily assume that this is true.  But once the cleaning is complete, Aaron is more than in a hurry to go………because he knows that we are going to eat lunch out somewhere.  He does start getting grouchy if I linger over making his follow-up appointment or stand there chatting too long.  He knows his mother’s propensity for lingering chats!

Soon, though, we were seated at On The Border.  Our nice waitress came to take our drink orders, and Aaron asked if they had tea.  He said yes to the tea, even when he found out that it was unsweetened tea.  I then ordered water and Aaron loudly asked, “OH!!!  Do you have water??!!”  He’s done this before, but it’s always funny……and thankfully our waitress laughed as well.  I could tell that she liked Aaron, and that set me at ease.  Aaron’s nearly always at ease since he doesn’t read people’s facial expressions or body language.  He just barges on ahead, being Aaron, and oblivious to any questioning looks or uncomfortable stares from others. 

We ordered our salads and tacos, sipped our water, and dipped our chips in the free Queso that we got today.  Aaron was busy talking between bites, of course.  “Mom, Dad said that he might work on my computer.  What does ‘might’ mean?” 

Might means might, Aaron. 

“So can I call Dad and ask him if he’s going to work on my computer?”

No, Aaron, you don’t need to call Dad at work. 

And I have no idea how many times this conversation was repeated.  Be glad that I’m not going to write it out.

Our salads came and Aaron was busy dumping every drop of his dressing on his salad.  I told him that he didn’t need every drop and he agreed……….putting down his little dressing container……..and immediately grabbing mine and holding it up high to drain my few remaining drops of dressing.  All the while he was talking about how hard it is to work at a restaurant, and how Dad has told him that it’s hard work because sometimes people are fussy.  “Is that true, Mom? ” he asked.  “Why are some people fussy?”

As we discussed this issue, I thought it was really insightful when Aaron said, “The restaurant people serve us.  We don’t need to be fussing at them.”  I was wishing that he had this same philosophy about me when the waitress returned to fill his glass of water………and Aaron repeated this conversation to her, oblivious to the fact that her tables were full and she was busy and Mom was telling him that she needed to go.  She was sweet, though, and patient with Aaron. 

Aaron had other insights, too……….like wondering what the little powder things were that were on top of the lettuce……..and then saying, “Mom, I noticed something.  This is a Mexican restaurant!”  Well, it isn’t Chinese, Aaron…… we munched on our TACOS.

I was asking how his visit with the dentist went.  “Mom, I told the dentist that I’ve seen some people who are fat!  I’m not talking about you!”

He added that last sentence so quickly that I questioned him about it, and he assured me that he was not talking about me.  Then he asked, “Mom, do you think you’re fat?  What do you think about being fat?”  And immediately he added, “I’m not saying anything!!” 

You’ve already said enough, Aaron. 

He was intrigued with the parsley, which he held up in order to give it an examination.  He wondered if I have some dried parsley at home.  “Mom, do you have some of that in the cabinet where the pepper balls are?”  That would be Peppercorns to most of us, but pepper balls to Aaron.

He also had to hold up the dark tortilla chip that was on top of the refried beans, saying that he had never heard of a black chip.  And the beans made him remember something.  “Mom, have you ever heard the legend that if you eat beans, you fart?”  I was hoping that no one around us heard Aaron’s telling of this legend, even as I urged him to not use “that” word in public.  Of course, any discussion of this legend should not be made in public, but all of that was lost on Aaron.  He was already in a discussion with the waitress about whether we could take the chips home along with the Queso that we had left.  I was thankful that he wasn’t telling her about the legend.

She happily brought us our containers, and Aaron just had to ask her about slushies.  Yes, slushies.  Do those new pineapple slushies have pineapple in them?  Do the other slushies have fruit?  How are slushies made?  Do slushies have ice in them?  Do you like slushies? 

Sweet, patient waitress.  She had answers for Aaron and smiles for Aaron……..and she got an extra tip from me. 

Home again, home again……..where Aaron left me to carry in the Queso and the chips that he wanted so badly, as well as his dentist bag of goodies……….and where he left the garage door open so that Jackson could come out and the heat could go in………and where he zoomed downstairs to ask Andrew if he wanted to watch a DVD on his Blu-Ray player in his room………..

Have I told you about the legend of Aaron?  Sometimes he’s all about Aaron and sometimes he’s not…………sometimes he’s interesting and sometimes he’s frustrating.   

And he always keeps me on my toes.   

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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