When Is It TOTAL Morning?

Aaron got up half-heartedly this morning, saying he was very tired and that he didn’t sleep well and that his stomach hurt and do I have to go to Paradigm……….and I just walked back up the hall.  Slowly he got out of bed and slowly he came around to a measure of cooperation as I poured his coffee and fixed him a bowl of his favorite leftover potato dish for breakfast.  I barely listened as he talked about how tired he was.  This is a favorite ploy of Aaron’s……..trying to convince me that he is SOOOO tired.

The other morning he told me this same tired story about being tired, telling me that he had not gone to sleep until after midnight.  This reminded him of a question that he had been mulling for some time, to hear him tell it.  “Mom, I’ve always wondered.  Is midnight like half morning?”  And before I could formulate my answer to his always interesting question, he continued.  “So if midnight is half morning, when is it total morning?” 

I tell you, sometimes his questions and his comments just leave me:

A.  Speechless
B.  Amazed
C.  Doubled over in laughter
D.  All of the above

You can’t pull much over on Aaron, either.  He usually begins each day with asking me this question that I have heard thousands of times:  “Mom, can we do something tonight?”  He  pauses and then adds, “Like play Skip-Bo or do our backs?”  And I have told him thousands of times that I don’t know and that I’ll see and that I’ll let him know.  I never say yes, because if something unforeseen happens that prevents me from doing something with him, I have entered the category of being a liar………and I’ve written even recently about the ramifications of Aaron thinking that I have lied. 

The other morning, when asked this familiar question about whether I could do something that night, I told Aaron once again that I wasn’t sure.  And he asked, “So why don’t you know?  Are you doing something tonight?”  I said, “Well, Aaron, sometimes I just want to relax at night.”  And Aaron wisely answered, “Relaxing means we could do something.” 

Not in my book, Aaron.  You have no idea.

Sometimes Aaron and I take Jackson on a walk around our circle in the evening.  Aaron, of course, talks the entire way.  Every step is filled with conversation………..mostly one sided.  You can guess which side.  Jackson doesn’t talk……..and I usually can’t fit a word in……….so there is only Aaron left.  The other evening, Aaron pointed to some one’s yard and asked, “What are those yellow flowers?”

I answered, “Quit pointing, Aaron.”  I say this repeatedly as we walk past people’s homes……..people who are probably wondering why Aaron is always pointing at their homes.  Sigh.  Then I reminded Aaron that those yellow flowers are dandelions……and that dandelions are a weed, because I know that question is next.  “So dandelions are a weed?” he asks anyway.  “Yes,” I repeat.  About that time we walked past a pretty budding Bradford Pear and Aaron asked, “What kind of tree is that?  Is that a weed tree?”

And while I was laughing at the thought of a weed tree, there he was – pointing at another house and asking, “Is that the house that was hit by a fire?” 

Aaron, houses aren’t hit by fires, exactly……….not like they’re hit by lightning……..which could actually cause a fire so I guess you could say…………    

Aaron, quit pointing!

Aaron talks about all the animals we see and hear as we walk………the dogs and cats and birds and squirrels.  He stops and talks to anyone and everyone that may be out in their yard.  Lucky people!  Aaron won’t let them go, either.  I smile and try to ease Aaron away while making sure that Jackson is behaving, and I never know who is alarming our neighbors the most………..our huge Great Dane or our Aaron who will NOT quit talking!!

People should learn what to do when they see us coming, and especially if they see Aaron pointing at them!   Go inside.

Speaking of animals, one day as we were driving, Aaron and I smelled a skunk.  He sniffed and then wrinkled up his nose and proclaimed that something smelled like a skunk………and then added, “I’m not talking about you, Mom!”   So glad he cleared that up.

Not long after that conversation, he came home from his group and was describing the road on which they were driving.  “Mom!  You know that road?  There was a dead skunk there!  It was freshly dead and it smelled bad!”

I was very glad he didn’t reference me again.

And how Aaron loves cows…….and bulls.  We pass a field of each of those particular bovines on our way to meet his group.  First the cows.  He always looks for them and wonders where they are if he can’t see them, as was the case the other morning.  “Mom!  Where are the cows?  Are they in that farm den?”

He means the barn.  But doesn’t “farm den” have such a warm and homey ring to it?

Then we later pass the pasture that is the home to some bulls.  This morning………. as Aaron had the window rolled down and tried to sit so as to block Mom’s hair from blowing wildly…….he saw some bulls.  They aren’t often out when we drive by, so he was happy to see them.  He talked about the baby bull and the big bull………..and by the time I dropped him off at Quik Trip to meet his ride, he was talking about how bees dance.  Yes, how bees dance.

He just cracks me up and he has no idea why.  He came in the kitchen the other night and told us, “Hey!  I saw a commercial about that restaurant that I like.  You know……CAROL’S O’Kelly!!” 

Which restaurant, Aaron?  “CAROL’S O’Kelly!” he repeated.

And this morning……….”Mom!  Did you read The Wizard of Is today?”
“Read WHAT, Aaron?”

“The Wizard of IS?!”

He thought I was laughing because I had read the Wizard of Is.

Oh, Aaron.  Life is so much more interesting with you in it to make the mundane and the usual most interesting and unusual!

He’ll be home soon.  And I’ll have a new blog idea, I’m sure.

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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