One In A Million

I was enjoying the peace of this early Saturday morning, finishing up listening to an on-line sermon by my brother, when I heard Aaron coming rather softly down the stairs.  Doing anything softly is unusual for Aaron.  I held up my index finger, signaling for Aaron to be quiet – something else unusual for Aaron to do – but he surprised me by not speaking………for at least several seconds.  He stood there scratching instead until I made my “yuck face” and he stopped.  He actually let me finish the last few minutes of the sermon without interrupting too much, but once he heard Uncle John pray he knew that he was now allowed to be center stage. 

We said our good mornings…….well, I said good morning while Aaron launched right into using all of his stored-up words.  You know, Aaron even talks in his sleep – seriously, he does.  But it’s not nearly enough to use all the words that clamor around in his brain, so he wakes up raring to talk.  After giving him some options, he decided that he wanted cinnamon toast for breakfast.  I told him to go take a shower while I fixed his toast.  I nearly always set out Aaron’s clothes the night before, and I set them out because Aaron is color blind………as well as being totally clueless about anything remotely to do with the coordination of clothing.  However, last night I did not set out his clothes, so when I told him to shower, he replied, “Mom, you didn’t pick out my clothes!  I can’t come out of the shower NAKED!!” 

Well, Aaron, you SHOULD come out of the shower naked.  It’s coming out of the bathroom naked that I don’t want to see.  But I kept this thought to myself as he and I went upstairs. I  picked out his clothes while he got a pair of his new underwear.  Just before he went in his bathroom to shower, he walked into my room and said, “Mom, you got me light pink underwear, right?” 

Uh……no, Aaron.   So out of his pocket he pulled a pair of his new blue underwear.  I laughed as I told him that they were blue, and I was reminded of how he sees blue as being pink………….just like Granddaddy!  And I was glad to clear up the issue of pink versus blue, as I know that he would end up telling everyone at his day group that Mom bought him pink underwear!

After his shower, he marched into the kitchen to see if his toast was ready.  “Mom!  During my shower, I got soap in my eye.  How long will it stay until the hurtness goes away?”  But he forgot all about his eye as he dug into his cinnamon toast.  He did, though, realize that he should explain why he was still shirtless. 

“Mom, I’m waiting for my underarm to cool out a little before I put on my deodorant.”  OK, Aaron………..makes perfect sense to me.

As he began to eat, he started talking about what he had read about in his Handy Science Answer Book.  “Mom, that day before last night, I was reading about dinosaurs!  What is this million kind of thing?”

I was still trying to figure out exactly when the “day before last night” occurred……… I asked him if he meant Thursday night, and he said yes.  Somehow it’s easier for Aaron to refer to it as “that day before last night.”  And as usual, I chuckle while he barges on ahead with his talking, oblivious to how intricate his wording is.  I knew where this was headed and I was right.  Evolution vs. Creationism.  Aaron knows the truth, but he still likes to ask.  “Mom?  What is this million kind of thing?”  So we discuss the possible age of the earth, and what the Bible says, before he veered off into woolly mammoths and who the cavemen might have been and did they wear woolly mammoth furs and wasn’t it scratchy and smelly and “OH MOM!  Can you look up the Tarantula movie on your tablet?”

So we looked up the Tarantula movie trailer on YouTube.  It’s an old movie from 1955 that Aaron found at Wal-Mart, and is the next on his list of Movies That Aaron Wants.  The trailer was hilarious……….with the nuclear genetically modified tarantula wreaking havoc on mankind and womankind.  Splashed across the screen in scary writing was “The Towering Fury No One Can Control.”  EEEKKKKK!!!!!   Except that Aaron was a combination of breathless excitement and laughter as he watched the enormous tarantula attacking anything and anyone in its path.

“Mom!!!  See its biters??!!”  Yes, Aaron……….such huge biters! 

“So Mom!!  Nuclear energetic is something that makes things huge?!”   It must be, Aaron. 

“And Mom!!  They can’t even blow him up!!”  I noticed that, Aaron.

“Mom!  See??  The electricity doesn’t even hurt him!”  Amazing, Aaron.

Then suddenly Aaron switched to quicksand.  Yes, as quick as anything, Aaron was talking about quicksand.  That’s why you would have found us looking up quicksand on Wickipedia, and then quicksand videos on YouTube……….which Aaron loved far more than just reading words.  Seeing people sink in quicksand was too cool!  He clomped downstairs to tell Gary all about how to extricate himself from quicksand in case Gary ever found himself in that predicament. 

So our morning went, as I ended up with his headphones on my ears listening to the cool music on his Star Wars game and trying to explain it to Aaron.  Believe me when I say this………..Aaron. Notices. Everything. 
From light pink underwear to woolly mammoths to genetically altered tarantulas to millions of years………..nothing escapes his attention and his lengthy commentaries.
He knows we don’t agree with millions of years, but we do agree that our Aaron is one in a million for sure.

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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