Crown Day!

Aaron has been counting down the days – literally – until he was to get his permanent crown put on.  Out of the blue he would say, “Seven days, Mom.”  Then the next day it would be, “Six days, Mom.”  Well, today was the day.  He had been a little worried about whether or not it would hurt – would he need another shot – would he be numb and unable to eat for awhile (his biggest concern, by far) – and of course, would we eat lunch out somewhere?  He was relieved to hear that it would not hurt – that he would not need a shot – that he would not be numb and so he could eat – and that yes, we would eat lunch out somewhere.  Life is good.

I was doing some yard work this morning and Aaron was on the computer.  After I got out of the shower, I checked his room and found it empty.  There he was, out in the mulch, doing his relaxing “mulch thing.”  He doesn’t mind all the box elder bugs around him.  He was in his own world, relaxing and gearing up for lunch and then the dreaded crown.

Before long, we were pulling into the parking lot at Chili’s.  For some reason, he wanted to remind me at that moment of the time he threw up all over his carpet several months ago…………and how he was sure it was because of eating a Subway sub………….and that he doesn’t want to eat at Subway ever again.  And I reminded him that it probably wasn’t the sandwich at all, but maybe all the extra cheese he requested……….just like the extra butter on his theater popcorn.  He replied, “So Mom, are you saying that my body is not made for extra cheese?”  Little did we know how interesting his lunch soup was soon to be.

Aaron wanted the spiked lemonade that the server mentioned, but instead settled for strawberry lemonade.  His face puckered at the first sip, and he leaned over to examine the contents of his glass.  “Mom, what are those spots?”  I assured him that they were just strawberry seeds and he was relieved.

We both ordered the Chicken Quesadillas from the lunch menu, along with soup.  Aaron was excited to see that they had Loaded Baked Potato Soup.  His experience with that soup on Saturday night was positive, so he was looking forward to another bowl of this tasty soup.  The server and I had a time, though, explaining the Quesadillas to him.  It was pretty comical and she was a good sport, but I finally just told him that he would like them and let’s just order.  Goodness!  Did he want us to draw a picture?!  You do not need every little detail of these Quesadillas explained, Aaron!  Are they flat?  Are they soft?  Are they hot?  Are they cheesy?  Have you made them, Mom?  AAAHHHH!!!!

His soup came and he cautiously dipped his spoon in, unsure of this new dish piled with green onions and bacon.  It didn’t look like Saturday night’s soup.  It turned out to be very cheesy………..VERY cheesy.  Weren’t we just talking about too much cheese?  It was quite interesting to see him eating this VERY cheesy soup.  Aaron was very appropriate to finally call it “Stringy Soup”……………..for it certainly was stringy!  It was actually hilarious to watch him try to grab the strings of cheese hanging off of his spoon, then see the cheese wrap around his fingers or land on the table.  He wasn’t frustrated, but did do a lot of grunting and sighing.  Four napkins and two glasses of lemonade later, he had finally conquered the soup and was able to move on to the Quesadillas and fries.

See the napkin he removed from under his bowl?  Napkins do NOT go under bowls!

He separated his fries from the Quesadillas, eating the fries first – each one dipped methodically in his ketchup.  The ketchup reminded him of blood and we had a nice little conversation about red blood and white blood.  You just never know where things will go with Aaron, because blood led to…………of all things………..lab tests and urine samples and “Mom, what does a hospital do with all that pee?”  He wasn’t being gross or silly, so I tried to engage in this conversation in a very scientific way……..without laughing.  I was glad when he moved on the Quesadillas, leaving the ketchup behind, where all he wanted to know was, “What is the middle part of that white thing?  It tasted weird.”    Huh?

Of course, he wanted to use the bathroom before leaving…………and to wash his hands with an unknown number of paper towels for drying………….and as he walked to the bathroom, through the tables full of people, I wondered what people thought of his unusual way of walking and his total oblivion to being so unique.  I’m thankful he doesn’t care about all that, and I sometimes wish it didn’t stab at my heart so much.  I also wish I wasn’t embarrassed at how loudly he clapped when we finally stood up to leave.  Not one clap, but two…………VERY loud claps, as only Aaron can clap.  He was so unaffected and I was so aware of people’s stares.  Outside, I asked him why he was clapping and he just said it was because we were leaving.  It seems to be a release for him………..and I think it’s so amazing that he doesn’t see it as loud or strange.

On the way to the dentist he told me about how when he and Dad had gone to DQ, they had passed a “company building that had a tanning cleaning place.”  Sure glad I can read between the lines with Aaron!  And I wish I could tan while I clean!  His crown insertion was very quick and painless; buying some DVDs at CD Tradepost was fun; and listening to the Beach Boys on this hot day was the thing to do.  Of course, Aaron had to remove the insert from the DVD box and stare at their picture, finally asking, “Which one has the weird voice?”  Oh Aaron – always listening but so unaware of how you appear or sound to others.

Our last stop was to run in and get his hair cut……..while he talked to the hairdresser about how he hopes we can take a vacation in October and where we might go and who called our house that morning and “MOM?  Who called while you were in the shower?”  For crying out loud, Aaron!  EVERYBODY in Great Clips can hear you!!!!!  But if I don’t answer he will repeat it, shower part and all.  And of course, before he left he had to tell them all about his new crown and how that dentist “shoved it in my mouth!”  Wonder why no one asked for a referral?  If Dr. Baxter only knew!

A day with Aaron………….never quiet, never dull, never routine…………sometimes never ending, it seems.

And I have to smile.

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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