Global Aaron

As I’ve written before, Aaron has an interest in where people are from based on their skin color or their accents or some other feature that peaks his interest.  For instance, I blogged in the past about the time that he kept telling me about his new driver in his day group – (Where is He From?  Dec 30, 2011).    He was sure that she was African…………and then I met her and was sure that she was NOT African.  Turns out she is from Vietnam. His attempt to identify people or languages or looks can be quite funny at times.

Even the movie that he’s looking forward to seeing more than any movie in the world right now, Transformers 4, has not escaped his attempt to figure out where some fine details of this fine movie originated from.  Take Unicron, for instance.  One day Aaron was, once again, attempting to describe and define Unicron’s facial characteristics.  “Mom, Unicron looks different.”

Personally, I don’t really care much about Unicron in any way but I know that off and on for the next 14 months we will be having these conversations………….so I may as well ask and get it over with.

How does Unicron look different, Aaron?

“Well, his face………’s not in the smoke way.”

I was not anywhere nearer an understanding of Unicron’s different looks now than I was before we began this conversation…………before AARON began this conversation………..but I just shook my head as if I understood.  Aaron proceeded:  “And Mom, could you tell that Unicron had a beard?”

I was trying to remember exactly what I observed when Aaron was gleefully sharing that Transformers 4 movie trailer with me, and all I could remember was looking at the little numbers that showed how long I was going to have to stand there and endure watching this yet-another movie trailer.

My hesitation at answering didn’t phase Aaron one bit.  It never does.  “Mom, what kind of beard do you think Unicron had?”

What kind of beard?  You know, Aaron, I just really don’t remember much about that beard.

And he continued:  “You know, that beard on his chin.  It looked like a Mexican beard!”

I am certain that there are many Mexican men whom Aaron has seen that have some sort of unique chin beard that Aaron identifies as being uniquely Mexican.  I am fairly clueless, but Aaron is sure of this fact and so I don’t disagree.  I just shake my head in some sort of understanding way that satisfies Aaron and allows us to end this conversation.

Aaron is also fascinated by a Mexican radio station that he has heard.  Every now and then he will walk up to my radio in the kitchen, and without permission he will begin to push the button in order to change the station. I know exactly where he is going with this.  Soon I hear the unmistakable sound of Mexican music, and Aaron laughs and rubs his hands together in excitement.  This occurred the other night………….again……….and Aaron happily asked me if I liked this music and did I understand what they were saying…….or singing.

“Mom, is this a Mexican station?  Or is that a Spanish station?”  This brought on a long discussion about the country of Mexico, but the language they speak is called Spanish.  No, Aaron, the language is not called Mexican…………it is Spanish…………and we had a little brief history lesson in the midst of the loud Mexican/Spanish music…………..with me knowing full well that Aaron wasn’t totally listening to me as he stood there rubbing his hands together amidst the sounds of trumpets and maracas.

He loves to identify flags from around the world on our large world map still hanging downstairs in our old schoolroom.  Which reminds me of the time years ago in the day school when Aaron said they were told to draw a flag……………and I looked down in horror to see the flag that Aaron had drawn………….the Nazi flag. We had seen a special on television and had studied this in history in home school and through normal exposures……………Aaron had decided that this flag was very interesting.  Oh my.  Well, it was simple to draw and it was at one time a flag………….but why is Aaron always drawn to the forbidden?  To the unacceptable?  Thus ensued another lesson and afterwards Aaron was more sure than ever that this was indeed a very interesting flag.  Sigh.

Last night Aaron thumped down the stairs and proceeded to tell me about a movie he was watching.  “Mom, this man on there has an accent.  It’s either country or continent!”

Did you say country or continent, Aaron?

“Yeah, it’s either country or continent.  I don’t know which yet.”

And later, he thumped down the stairs again to give me an update.  “Mom, I found out he’s Paris.  Is that Italian?”

Stifling laughter as I tried to answer this question was indeed difficult.  And slightly confusing, even to me.

Aaron is so global!  I just have a hard time following him!

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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