East Mall……and WHICH Bathroom??!!

Sometimes I wonder if I write too often in this blog……..but I’m tellin’ ya…………..Aaron gives me more to write about than you can imagine.  If I put everything in here it would be never ending!  You probably think it already is.  Ha! 

Today was no exception.  He came home about 45 minutes ago and after greeting Jackson, I heard the familiar pounding of his steps on the stairs.  He could never surprise anybody – he doesn’t walk up the stairs, he stomps!  Into my bedroom he came, saying, “Mom! We went to the mall today!  The east one.” 

So familiar, his recounting of his days………yet somehow always different. 

He continued, “I got a Subway for lunch!  This time I got those purple onions……..except they call them red onions.”

Did you like them, Aaron?

“Well, they were hot!  I don’t think I’ll get them again.  And this time I noticed something I haven’t seen before to put on my sub.”    He paused for effect…………hoping I would ask what it was.

So I did.  What was it, Aaron?

“Pickles!!  And they were the same size as cucumber circles!!”

We’ve had many discussions about the origin of pickles, and he’s no stranger to pickles, but somehow today they merited this new excitement. 

So did you put pickles on your sub, Aaron?

“Yes.  And I’m not fond for pickles.” 

Ah……well, now you know.

“And I got extra cheese.  Is that all right?”    He knows that I don’t order him extra cheese because of calories and intestinal issues (sorry), so he knew it wasn’t really all right but he enjoys asking.  He and I both know full well that he’ll get the extra cheese next time, too.

“So Mom, that’s all I ate today.”   Another pause……….then……..”Well, we went to Sonic and I got a grape slushie.  I’m stuffed.  Can you imagine that?” 

“Oh, and when we got back to Paradigm, Cody gave me a box of Mike and Ikes.  Was that OK?”

Yes, Aaron.  And I’ve learned that when he tells me early on that such and such was all he ate, he means all he ate in round one.  Other rounds of his food fest are sure to follow.

And remember the Chinese massage?   “Mom!  I saw the guy at the Chinese massage place again.  This time I was hoping I’d say yes.” 

Oh Aaron………so your hopes were dashed again?

By this time he and I were in the kitchen, where I was getting ready to start supper.  We have tile on the kitchen floor and this obviously brought back a special memory to Aaron about his day in the east mall.

“Oh, Mom!  I was walking in the mall and I was looking down at the squares on the floor, like this.”   Whereupon he proceeded to look down at the tile and demonstrate walking while looking down at the squares on the floor.

“I was looking at the squares on the floor and I needed to go to the bathroom and I walked in the girl’s bathroom.” 

Silence.  I waited for the boom to be lowered……..the rest of the story to be told………..

Aaron, did you use the bathroom in there?

“No.  I looked up and noticed they didn’t have it the way they do in the boy’s bathroom.”

So if you were in the east mall today and were in the women’s restroom and a large, loud young man walked in looking at squares on the floor…………I hope that’s all he saw, were squares on the floor……….. I extend my sincerest apologies.

I told him, calmly, that he should pay attention to where he’s going.

“So you’re saying that I don’t need to look at the squares on the floor when I’m walking?”

Yes, Aaron……….and I’m quite certain that the women in the bathroom at the east mall would agree.

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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