He’s Back!

Aaron has rebounded from his seizure day on Thursday.  I woke him up on Thursday afternoon so he wouldn’t sleep all day.  He finally made it downstairs, only to lay down on the couch.  He wasn’t feeling the greatest and said he felt like throwing up, so I offered him some chicken noodle soup.  As he ate it, though, the look on his face reminded me of when I try to swallow Brussels Sprouts.  The soup wasn’t helping, so Aaron and I began to brainstorm about what would taste good to him.  He eventually asked for one of his favorites.  “Mom, can I have cinnamon toast?” 

So I fixed him 3 pieces of cinnamon toast, which he scarfed down…………..after walking over to Jackson’s pillow when I had my back turned and giving him a chunk of toast.  Well, at least Aaron was moving around now, talking clearly, and up to his old tricks.  Is getting back to normal always a good thing?   That’s the question, as Aaron would say.

He asked for more toast and when all was said and done, he had eaten seven – yes, seven! – pieces of cinnamon toast.  He then settled in his favorite family room chair, old person style, with his usual fuzzy blanket, clock, etc., etc.  You know the routine well by now.  And decided that he was still hungry.  “Mom, could I have some celery and peanut butter?”  So I fixed him this other favorite food, and found that he had about 15 paper towels that he had taken in there with him…………he loves the peanut butter but detests it on his hands.  But really, Aaron?  He’s always in overkill mode when it comes to the paper towels. 

He was worried about the blood on his pillow case from biting his tongue.   “Mom, can you change my pillow sheet?”  I went upstairs to change his “pillow sheet”, telling him that I would just change the bed sheets, too.  As I started to change his sheets, he appeared at the doorway to his room……………not to help, mind you, but to direct.  Read the Order of the Covers blog to understand the importance he places on having his covers in just the right order………..an order that he’s sure I will mess up again.  He pretended to want to talk to me, but he was watching my every move.  I knew this when I got ready to put his long body pillow back on his bed, and he interrupted himself in mid-sentence to say, “Put the zipper on this side of the bed.”   Yes, Aaron!

I left the house to go have dinner with friends, and soon after I was gone, Andrea came home.  And Mr. Aaron told her that he sure would like to have some peanut butter and celery…………..that Mom hadn’t fixed him any supper……………that he sure was hungry…………..and so she fixed him MORE peanut butter and celery and he was very happy.  When questioned later, he smiled in his way that says he knows he got caught and he said, “Well, I didn’t think what you  made  me was for supper!”  Yeah, right!  Back to normal indeed!

He went to Paradigm yesterday and went to see a movie with his group.  He had his usual popcorn………….with butter, even though I tell him he doesn’t need the butter…………..and Twizzlers…………….and, as he said, “Mom, they gave me a water sample!!” 

A water sample?  “Yeah, you know in a cup about this big…….and I DIDN’T have to pay for it!!!!” 

I thought he knew about the free cup of water but he seems to have experienced this for the first time.  Now I can just see him going to the snack counter next time and asking for a water sample.  No telling what they’ll give him!  Yuck!

He ate supper with us before we headed out to a concert and he clicked his teeth on his spoon with every bite of his Cheddar Pasta Salad that he requested for his special Friday treat and he excitedly told us all about the movie he saw and the popcorn he ate WITH butter and the Twizzlers and the water sample and on and on and on. 

Yeah, it’s good to have Aaron back…………..Mr. Talks-A-Lot has returned.   

Author: Patty hesaidwhatks

I'm Patty and I write about our adult son who has Epilepsy and Autism, who still lives with my husband and me, and who is a package full of many surprises and joys and challenges and TALK! Lots of talking, which creates laughter and some other reactions as well. I also write about how God shows Himself to me in everyday life.

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