What a Day May Hold

Yesterday morning I was able to sit out on our patio for a few minutes before the rush of the day started.  It was such a beautiful morning!  The sun was bright, the moisture sparkled like small diamonds on each stalk of grass, the birds were chirping and happy, and the flowers were stunning in the sunshine.  I only wished that I could have stayed outside longer, soaking up the beauty of the morning.

Today was a far different story.  We had several periods of heavy rain along with some storms that came through.  The scene out on the patio was entirely changed.  The sun was hidden by the thick rain clouds, the moisture came beating down in sheets of rain, the birds were nowhere to be seen or heard, and the flowers were bowing under the weight of the rain.  It was not a morning to stay outside on the patio at all because the wind was blowing the rain onto the place where just yesterday I had sat in peace and beauty.  I was quickly driven inside by the pouring rain.

Isn’t that just like life?  One day we’re enjoying peace and beauty.  Things are going along smoothly and happily…………life is good.  Yet how quickly the scene of our lives can change!  How rapidly things can go from good to bad!  We’ve all experienced it in one form or another.  I thought of Aaron this week.  He went to bed Monday night just being typical Aaron, and within a few hours he was having hard, scary seizures.  Thankfully, he’s fine now……but it was another reminder of how quickly our lives can change.

I know several friends who are facing the imminent death of someone dear to them.  I know of some who are dealing with chronic illnesses, either their own or sadly watching someone they love  who struggles daily.  I know of some who are facing financial hardships and have had to make very difficult decisions.  We never know if we’re going to go to work one day and get a promotion or a pink slip.  I know of parents who are struggling with a child who isn’t living their life in ways that honor God.  I know of those who are living in pain because of unresolved hurts, broken friendships, ruined marriages, and having to start over in various ways.

I also know that the God Who sends the sunshine is also the same God Who sends the rain.  We need them both……..the sun and the storms.  It may be easier to trust God during the pretty days, but it’s absolutely vital to trust Him in the rainy times as well.  He’s the same God on both days and He can be trusted the same.  To do less would be to doubt His very character…….His love and His faithfulness. 

God has a plan to grow us and to bless us, and it takes both sun and rain to accomplish that plan.  Most of the time we won’t see the complete picture until we’re with Him, and then we’ll understand it fully.  But when we put the pictures side by side, we’ll know His plan and we’ll see His love.

For now, we trust and we thank God every day for what He allows in our lives.  He is faithful in the sunlight and He is faithful in the storm. 

What Did You Say, Aaron?

I keep lists of many of Aaron’s sayings, but don’t often get to put them in a blog.  Today I thought I would do another one of my Aaron sample platters……….a little of this and a little of that, which adds up to a lot of talking!

While riding home from a trip to Lowe’s with Gary:  “Mom!  There was a deer crossing the road – and he made a noise!  Did he belong to someone?!”   No, Aaron, he did not belong to anyone.  “You mean he was a stray?!”

Upon hearing Aaron make a suspicious sound:  I was in another room when I heard the noise and I asked, “Aaron?  Did you hit something?”   He answered, “No..it did not break!”  So did you hit it or not?!

Seeing a crack in our yard during last summer’s drought:  “Mom, that crack looks like an earthquake size!!”

After seeing a couple in a movie:  “He wanted a kiss of her.”

Politics:  “Do you like that president man?”

Knowing we don’t take Jackson for walks in extreme heat:  “Can we take Jackson for a walk?  I thought it had cooled up.”

Sonic drive-in:  “You could work there, Mom.  It has a kitchen.”   Hmmmm…….

TB test:  “They gave me a skin sample.”

Football:  “The coach that taught West Virginia to play football didn’t teach them very well!” 
When a massage therapist was at his day group:  “That lady asked me if I had any trouble with my back, so I made an excuse for my back so that she would work on it.”   Well, Aaron!

Another movie:  “That movie had those good guy girls and those bad guy girls!”

Describing the furnace in the winter:  “That air conditioner blowing in my room was warm.”

Men in the Ozarks:  “Those hillberry men in the Ozarks were hunting Bugs Bunny.  Those hillberry men like square dancing and they obey it!”

The seasons:  “Did you say that March has spring?”

The Great Wall of China:  “The Great Wall of China was backing people on the other side.  People on the other side were keeping people from the other side from being on the other side.  They’re trying to back people out.”   Huh?

Seeing a farmer plowing:  “What’s he doing?  Why is he putting lines in his yard?”

Autobot and Decepticon:  “Look at this picture of the Autobot.  It’s happy.  Now look at this picture of the Decepticon.  It’s non-happy!”

More about sports:  “Is this football game almost over?  It says final four!”  Uh, I think that would be basketball, Aaron. 

Oh, OK.  Basketball:  “I was wondering.  Do you think that basketball is slippery?  It’s making a squeaky noise.”   And that would be the shoes, Aaron.

Drinking grape juice with ginger ale:  “Mom, that drink is spicy!”

More ginger ale observations:  “When you drink that stuff it makes your body kind of shiver.”

Skunks:  “Have you heard that story that when you get hit by a skunk you have to be in tomato juice?”

Scientifically speaking:  “I’ve noticed that pee doesn’t become clear until you fill your system with water.”

And to END it:  “Mom, I have a plan.  I decided to save my underwear and not change them every day.  Isn’t it a waste to change every day?  What would you call it?”  Well, Aaron, waste is the operative word here.  Let’s have a little talk……..

And I do hope that reading this hasn’t been a waste of your time.  Perhaps it’s made you smile, like we often do when Aaron is saying WHAT?!